Hello or/and hello, 


hell, o, hello

hello, hi there,

radio calling from the distance/strong signal, weak re:

            the heartbeat machine, the reborn machine, the machine human

                    http:// - code red - code blue -- code java, html

Deus ex machina or ex machina?!

            moving engines, flashing lights, engineering the emotions


    we’re the beginning

            the movement

                the flux

                    the human

interacting, born, moving, breathing, synthesizing, morphing

            into one of a kind:

                a glitch in time, a glitch in matrix, in life


this involves: empathy and surprise -- the virtual reality and digital fabrication of life,

on itself, as a part of the machine, as a whole, as a reflection, 


the     e l e c t r i c i t y 

of no explanations:                         pure hope of human connection,

this is a trait of the new nature,                     this is a movement

        of a human and/or/if of a machine



(Learning) How to love the Machine is a multidisciplinary live installation, an exploration of human and machine/technology. 


Text: Eeva Maria al-Khazaali / Julia Kukkonen


Visuals: Julia Kukkonen / Anna Tiia Sorjonen


Sound: Anna Tiia Sorjonen / Robbie Gunn / Anna-Kaisa Vuorinen


Performer: Anna Tiia Sorjonen


Production: Rosace Collective



PREMIERE ON 3.12.2021

Tickets: 15 € 

Book your tickets in advance via email rosacecollective@gmail.com


Venue: Kulttuuriareena 44, Kauppakatu 44, Kuopio


Production is supported by Taike